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Hypergiant and SpaceCom have partnered to launch Moonshots, a poster competition for the best and brightest with revolutionary ideas. 

We've featured the top scientific posters in the competition that challenge the status quo and make the impossible in space, possible. 



Dedicated & Mission Specific Optical Comms as a Service

By Mark LaPenna, CEO, Xenesis

Xenesis is rolling out Optical Comms as a Service with a 7-15X increase in capacity, 5-10X decrease in recurring costs with absolutely no capital expenditure to the customer. We call this Xen-Link...and yes, the hardware is flight certified and deigned for interoperability on our fully integrated optical ground system.




Enabling Analytics on Mars

By James Hancock, Co-Founder/ CEO, Parasanti

Parasanti Space Ghost is an end to end hardware and software suite designed to combat the key issues associated with communications and compute needed to train, test and deploy machine learning in space.




Olfactory Experience Design In Space Travel

By Cherie Matthew, Architect - Project Manager, Corgan

Rooted in the deepest parts of our brain, our sense of smell relates to many precognitive processes like memory, emotion, and spatial awareness. Using this foundational understanding, the Olfactory Experience Design tool reconnects traveling astronauts with the essence of home through memory and emotion.



Habitat Marte Space Analog Station

Habitat Marte Space Analog Station Promoting Sustainability for Space

By Julio Rezende Coordinator, Habitat Marte Space Analog Station

This research presents the efforts developed by HABITAT MARTE Space Analog Station dialoguing space and sustainability. The research focuses in some technologies developed applied to space habitats (International Space Station-ISS, Moon and Mars future habitats and some spin-offs applied to rural communities, mainly based in areas under drought and heat waves threats.



Spaceport One

Spaceport One, a Sustainable Launch Facility

By Edgar Gago Carrillo, Systems Engineer, Spaceport One

Spaceport One is a new sustainable launch system based on electromagnetic coil accelerators and powered by renewable energies. This approach, along with a strategic location will reduce the overall cost and environmental impact of low earth orbits satellite deployments and allow the new space to keep growing in sustainability.




SUBS: Superconductor-Based Satellites to Enhance Spacecraft Resilience

By Marcus Collier-Wright, Co-Founder & CTO, Neutronstar Systems

Satellite resilience to cyberattacks and space weather phenomena is limited by the electrical power available. The poor scalability of existing technologies prevents power-upscaling of satellites and hence the adoption of new capabilities for computing and radiation mitigation. Superconductors overcome this issue, enabling higher power platforms with increased resiliency to these threats.





Lisa Rich is a successful investor, strategist, communicator and operator. She is founder and Managing Partner of Hemisphere Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm focused on frontier tech: synthetic biology, robotics, drones and space. Hemisphere is a Top VC in the NewSpace sector. They have invested in 200+ U.S. companies since 2014, and their portfolio includes 18 space companies including: Axiom Space, Umbra Lab, PlanetIQ and Made In Space (recently acquired by Redwire).

Ms. Rich is also founder and Chief Operating Officer of Xplore, a commercial space exploration company focused on missions to Earth orbit and beyond. She is dedicated to advancing commercialization for the space industry via legislative affairs and has presented at the U.S. State Department, NewSpace, The Center for Space Commerce and Finance, TechStars, Project Geospatial, AFWERX and internationally.

She holds a B.S. in English from Loyola University Chicago, and master’s degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.




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